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[[Entry available here at her old journal, xiaomei_mei]]

[Locked to the Doctor]

Oh Captain, would you like to help me make ice planets?

I'm not sure how they're made, but it will be an adventure. And I need a kitchen, because Captain Mango won't let me use his.
He's back.

Julian, he's back and he's broken


can hear him screaming--
I'm fine.

I want to help. He helped me. It's a fair trade.


[Locked to Jack Bristow]

Нам нужно поговорить. Предпочтительно как можно скорее.

Я жду вам в салоне на третом этаже. Пожалуйста не держите меня ждать.


[Locked to Sandra]


The rebellion has sent the weapon girl they detained and deprogrammed to one of their refugee camps in the company of a demon named Justin and a doctor named Mary. Immediately after the deprogramming, the girl didn't remember a thing, and while things are starting (slowly) to trickle back from her time Before, the Neqa'el at the base thought it might be best for her to have a doctor along to keep an eye on her, just in case, and to make sure that not too many people crowd her. The girl is psychologically unstable, as well as a psychic with no apparent mental barriers now that she's deprogrammed, and too many people in close proximity to her, they found, overloads her rather badly.

They're walking, because it's the easiest way to stay hidden if there happens to be an angelic patrol (though the likelihood is low, considering this is one of the shadow zones), and it's a strange and fluid shift for the girl when the landscape and her travelling companions melts away into a city, full of cars and people and noise and it's almost too much - she can feel everyone in her head, and it's too much, and even when she presses back into an alleyway, there are people in the buildings around her - walls make no difference to her.

She whimpers a little, just inside the mouth of the alleyway, and sinks to the ground, hands pressed over her ears as if that could drown everything out.