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girlorgun's Journal

April Sark
22 May 1986
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Early twenties.



She fell through a green rift just before being "executed" by one John Thane. She spent two or three years, she believes, though it was closer to four or five in reality, under the control of potential future angelic powers, used as a weapon to infiltrate and destroy colonies of humans and demons. Eventually, however, she was rescued by the resistance movement and given a chance to recover. She spent six years in refugee camps, being cared for and doing what she could to help.

April has a scar on her chest from a gunshot wound when she was 15, and the projectile from that wound (a dart-like object intended to cause massive pain and injury short-term, with as little long-term damage as possible) is still lodged in her lung. She feels it every time she breathes, and if she moves her torso too much, it sends sharp pains across her chest. She has two more scars, fainter, one in her shoulder and one in her thigh. She has scars circling her wrists, and the patches of skin over the base of the back of her thumbs are completely numb. She has a worn and patched leather jacket, far too big for her, that she almost always wears.